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Screenshots on Windows 10 not working? 8 Fixes

As a result, it is the best Windows ever for gaming, and comes with great opportunities for developers. If you don’t see the update, the PC Health Check app will help determine your PC’s compatibility with Windows 11. Before upgrading, install this app on your PC to ensure everything is good to go. The app…
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2 septembre 2022 0

How to take screenshots in Windows 11 with the Snipping Tool

OBS Studio is a free application for video recording and live streaming without watermark or time limit. It is much preferred by hardcore gamers for broadcasting their live gameplay footage. Using OBS Studio, you can capture not only the entire display or a window but also from webcam and microphone. Providing total control over your…
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1 septembre 2022 0

How And Why To Prepare For The Windows 11 Upgrade

Anything you create with Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides does not count toward your limit . Pretty much everything in Gmail counts, but only photos larger than 2,048×2,048 pixels and videos longer than 15 minutes in your Google Photos count toward your Drive storage limit. Sarah is a freelance writer and CNET How…
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29 août 2022 0

How to change where screenshots are saved on Windows 10

They also need Microsoft accounts and internet connectivity to set up their devices the first time they use Windows 11 Home edition. As far as features, you’ll be able to install and run Android apps natively on Windows 11. And Microsoft Teams is going to be more easily accessible and integrated into more apps. Windows…
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26 août 2022 0

The real and complete story Does Windows defragment your SSD?

In extreme cases this can make a difference between being able to eradicate fragmentation or not. Significantly improves system performance above the levels achieved with automatic defragmentation alone. Clearly the best strategy is to prevent the problem before it happens in the first place and always work with a clean, fast disk. Fortunately, there are…
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24 août 2022 0

Windows Networking: Sharing with Others Using the Public Folder

For example, when installed from GitHub , the Flutter tool will download the Dart SDK from Google servers immediately when first run, as it is used to execute the flutter tool itself. This will also occur when Flutter is upgraded (e.g. by running the flutter upgrade command). Now it’s time to finalize the installation size.…
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23 août 2022 0

Five Easy Ways To Capture a Screenshot in Windows 10

Etc everything was fine but suddenly when i was playing i get like 3 seconds lag .. Even when i open browser or anything i got these 3 sec lag… As a test, delete the Screenshots folder you created, and try creating a screenshot to see if it may work then. Click/tap on the Paste…
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22 août 2022 0